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Monstera - Unforgiving

We're going to have to fly, because today our musical journey will take us to Oceania, we're going to the Outback of this planet earth, we're going to Australia! We'll be presenting the band known as Monstera!!!

If, by any chance, you're looking for a good band to listen to, one that has managed to keep up with the changes in metal over the years, one that delivers weight, modernity and good production? Then you should listen to Monstera!!! A band that impresses with its quality and has great potential to grow a lot more! Their sound is based on excellent alternative metal with nuances of metalcore that in the creative minds of the band have become something unique! Check them out!

Unforgiving is an incredible song, which manages to deliver all the modernity that we can find in bands like I Prevail, Bad Omens and others, but without losing its originality, without failing to make its personality and ability explicit. In this song, they manage to demonstrate very well what the band is capable of. With balanced weight and melody, the band uses and abuses their ability to entertain and they do it in a unique way!!! Check it out!


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