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Fear Connection - Killing Process / Where Evil Prevails

Today we're taking to the roads of Europe, we're heading for the land of roads without speed limits, we're going to Germany! Let's talk about the band known as Fear Connection!!!

Stop whatever you're doing right now and take a few minutes to get to know this band. If it's metal you're looking for, well-produced, as heavy as a punch in the face, as intense as a sunny day in the desert, as fast as a Ferrari and as aggressive as a lion on the savannah, then I give you Fear Connection!!!! We have here a band for serious metal lovers, where you can see various styles among their influences, such as Death Metal, Thrash Metal and much more, but I like to say that the band goes on without labels, only with the proposal to be fucked up!!!! Check them out:

Killing Process is an authentic presentation of what Faster, Harder and Louder means !!! Here we have an impeccable performance, full of heaviness and aggression, not to mention that the band's vocals fit perfectly with the proposal the band wants to achieve, something incredible !!! With a listen as visceral as the previous song, it was obvious that we couldn't stop talking about other songs and another highlight of the Where Evil Prevails EP from 2024 is its eponymous track, Where Evil Prevails, and my friends, what a blast!!! Think of a raw, aggressive, catchy, fast, intense and very heavy sound, all part of the band's almost magical formula, something that impresses from the very first seconds of listening!

All I can say is, don't just listen to these singles and try to hear more about the band, it's worth every play!!!


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