NECROTTED - My Mental Castration

Let's travel to Germany and talk about the band Necrotted!!!

Today we have the return to Metal Junkbox of a band that has already charmed everyone in the house and has been around here a few times! For those who don't know them, Necrotted produce their sound based on strong and powerful Death Metal, extreme and very aggressive, with excellent execution and a lot of talent that deserves your attention!!!

Artificial Truth delivers exactly what we expect from a band of this style, with weight and aggression in huge doses, the song leaves no doubt that we are going to hear an extreme Death Metal song that knows how to enchant the listener and deliver the best of the extreme metal scene!

A banda acaba de lançar o seu mais recente single intitulado “My Mental Castration” lançado em 2021 e se encontra disponível nas principais plataformas digitais.


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