rendezvous point dont look up
rendezvous point dont look up

Progressive quintet Rendezvous Point releases new single "Don't Look Up"

Norwegian progressive metal masters Rendezvous Point are back with "Don't Look Up" - their first single in five years.

Driven by a collective love for impactful and engaging music that combines striking rhythms with catchy melodies and immersive atmospheres, the quintet formed by Leprous drummer Baard Kolstad, keyboardist Nicolay Tangen Svennæs (Ihsahn, Bernhoft, Emilie Nicolas), vocalist Geirmund Hansen, guitarist Petter Hallaråker and bassist Gunn-Hilde Erstad, embarked on a journey to create music that explored the boundaries of progressive metal and ventured into uncharted territory. With each member bringing their unique talents and perspectives to the table, the band promises to push the boundaries of their art even further, inviting listeners to join them on this journey.

Geirmund Hansen, the lead singer, comments on the new single "Don't Look Up":

"Despite all the warning signs around us, humanity continues to destroy the Earth's resources. We don't seem to care about tomorrow, as long as our decisions benefit today. 'Don't Look Up' is also a story about how our desire for personal glory can destroy our relationships with others and the outside world."

The band comments on the video: "The music video for 'Don't Look Up' is a satirical take on screen addiction in today's society. It's also possible to interpret the theme in a broader sense, pointing out that we often find it difficult to see the bigger picture when we only focus on what's right in front of us. What happens to our identity when an objective truth no longer exists? A large part of the video was shot in the place where Edvard Munch drew inspiration for his painting 'The Scream'."

Watch the video for "Don't Look Up"

Listen to the single here.

Rendezvous Point is made up of:
- Geirmund Hansen - Vocals
- Baard Kolstad - Drums
- Nicolay Tangen Svennæs - Keyboards
- Petter Hallaråker - Guitar
- Gunn-Hilde Erstad - Bass

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Stay tuned for more news from this incredible Norwegian progressive metal band!


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