Scold's Bridle - Black Inferno

We'll be traveling to a land that those of you who follow Metal Junkbox know very well how much we love! We're going to Sweden! Today we present the band Scold's Bridle!!!

Here is a band that knows how to create a sound based on the best and most modern in the metal scene, combining heavy metal/thrash metal influences and much more! A modern, intense, well-crafted and well-produced sound! I recommend you listen and draw your own conclusions!

Black Inferno is a song that I'm sure will grab your attention from the very first play! This is a bold, intense and very well-produced piece of work! With a modernity that harks back to the great hits of the 80s/90s, but with a new identity and unparalleled creativity, the band delivers a song that is undoubtedly already a hit! Check it out: