Suffer UK - Rotten

We're off to Wolverhampton in the UK! We will be presenting the band Suffer UK!

Here we have a perfect combination of creative ability and an excellent base of influences! The band uses and abuses its productive capacity and delivers a sound that moves brilliantly between Deathcore, extreme Progressive Metal and Alternative Metal, something that I have to say, impresses any serious metal lover! With an impeccable execution, a vocal that has been tailor-made and allied to the drums, bass and guitar, they deliver all the modernity and intensity that we expect from a great band. I recommend you listen to it on repeat! ?

Rotten is a song that manages to incorporate all of the band's musical influences and deliver new material that is extremely heavy, aggressive, intense and full of personality! A song that captivates on the first play and that was made to capture new listeners, so I say, don't waste time and listen right now, because I know you won't regret it, check it out!!!