Tenside - Come Alive Dying

We continue our musical journey, today our coordinates point to Germany! Let's talk about the band Tenside!!!

There are bands that, when they're good, come back to MJ, and Tenside is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about the band:

TENSIDE is today one of Europe's leading metalcore bands, straight out of Munich, Germany. The quartet's musical quality is astounding, everything very well done, cohesive and intense, exquisitely blending weight and melody, and with an above-average production, it's easy to be captivated by the band's sound.

Come Alive Dying is a song that I'm sure will grab your attention from the very first play! This is a bold, intense and very well-produced piece of work! With unparalleled modernity, heaviness, aggression and creativity, the band delivers a song that is undoubtedly already a hit! Check it out: