Bear Within Us - Down

Today our musical journey will take us to the United States of America! We'll be talking about the band Bear Within Us!!!!

There are bands that, when they're good, come back to MJ, and Bear Within Us is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about the band:

Come on, Bear Within US is that kind of band made for those who like a band with that very characteristic vocal, which demonstrates a hoarse and powerful voice, combined with heavy riffs worthy of a good Groove Metal / Stoner band, but which has many elements and genres in its sound, among them, we highlight some like Melodic Metal, Post Grunge, Alternative Metal and much more! Consider listening to the band's songs and draw your conclusions!

In this song, we are introduced to a very interesting approach, with many elements of garage rock and alternative metal, all combined with a voice that matches the musical proposal very well! Full of attitude, weight, intensity and creativity, Down is a song that will capture your attention ?