The Sway of Moutains - A Looming Forest Fire / Reflected From The Calming Glow

Today we're going to an area well known for its incredible Rugby team and which has a rich culture and an important history, we're talking about South Africa! Let's introduce the band The Sway of Moutains!!!

If you're a fan of good instrumental metal, with influences of progressive metal, melodic death metal and black metal, which impresses with its quality and richness of detail, combined with good riffs and great melodies, speed and a lot of versatility, it can capture the listener's attention? Well, I have to say, listen to The Sway of Moutains! With a very interesting proposal, the musician manages to deliver a modern and very well-produced sound!

Looming Forest Fire, the song that introduced us to the band, is full of attitude, progressiveness and virtuosity! Here we have a modern, heavy and very well-produced song that, after listening to it, we can see that the band demonstrates a great productive and creative quality, a mark that is made explicit in their compositions with their versatility and ability to deliver! Therefore, listening to just one song wouldn't be fair given the excellent experience we had listening to the first song, in this context, we continued with our listening and went to listen to Reflected From The Calming Glow, what an incredible song!!! This is an extremely well-produced song, with an attitude, strength and weight, combined with all the creativity that the band manages to deliver so well! Check it out and draw your own conclusions!

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