Yesterday Mass - I Know You

Today our musical journey will take us to the icy lands of Finland! We'll be talking about the band Yesterday Mass!

If you're a fan of bands that can put you in a state of immersion, those with strong influences of hard rock and symphonic metal, which are filled with excellent riffs, keyboards, violin and moments that capture your attention for their beauty and execution, I can only say that you can't miss this band! You'll certainly have a great time listening to the songs that the band has in its musical collection, but for now, we only have the release I Know You to demonstrate the band's full capacity, but that's certainly just a foretaste of what's to come! So I have to say, listen to Yesterday Mass!

The song that introduced us to the band was I Know You, an authentic musical journey, full of feeling and intensity! With vocals that perfectly match the band's musical proposal, they manage to have that combination of vocals and instruments that is worth gold! If you also love bands that move very well between these styles, I recommend you follow this band!