Wardruna releases new single: "Hertan" (Heart)

In the midst of Wardruna's creative hibernation, the group resurfaces to offer a taste of their next album with the release of the single and music video for the song "Hertan" on April 5

"Hertan" is the Proto-Scandinavian word for "heart" and this is exactly what we explore in this song and film. The duality of the heart with the rhythm, flow and pulse that we can see, hear and feel in nature and all forms of life - and the more abstract idea of the heart, the rudder on the ship of emotions, our decisions and our true desires.

Einar, on the new single

Once again, Wardruna have teamed up with Finnish director and photographer Tuukka Koski to produce the music video for Hertan. Koski has already directed Wardruna's videos for "Raido", "Voluspa" e "Gra". This time, production took place mainly during a few freezing nights in northern Finland, on the island of Hailouto.

It's always a real pleasure to create art with Tuukka and his Breakfast Helsinki colleagues! Their experience and eye for detail, as well as their ability to always produce top-notch material, is very inspiring to be a part of. Three days, three locations, no sleep, but a lot of heart. That's how it happened. I hope you like the result!

Einar Selvik

"Hertan", the Proto-Scandinavian word for heart, is rooted in Wardruna's tradition. With this new music, Wardruna heralds the beginning of a new vibrant cycle, pulsating with life. The music explores the rhythm of the pulse, a flow visible in all forms of life and in nature, and the heart as the driver of decisions.

Making room for something new to emerge, the Norwegian group ends the touring cycle of the album "Kvitravn" in a remarkable way. During the autumnal equinox on September 21, 2023, Wardruna performed at the world heritage site Odeon of Herodes Atticus on the Acropolis of Athens. The event sold out quickly, with fans from all over the world attending.

The concert at the Acropolis is the culmination of an intense period of touring, with successful shows in the United States, Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom. In 2022, Wardruna was the main attraction at the Wacken Open Air festivals in Germany and Hellfest Open Air in France, and the group performed at historic venues such as the Old Theater in Plovdiv and Devin Castle in Bratislava during the Nordic Night Tour. In 2023, the second part of the "Kvitravn" tour cycle took place during the summer, with Wardruna performing at concerts (festivals) in Germany, France, the Netherlands and a concert at Borgholm Castle in Sweden.

At the heart of Wardruna is the vision of sowing new seeds and strengthening old roots, a concept that came to life in 2009. The first three albums formed the "Runaljod" trilogy and featured musical interpretations based on the Nordic runes. Each of the three releases focused on eight of the twenty-four Proto-Norse runes, better known as the Old Futhark. The trilogy consists of "Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga" (2009), "Runaljod - Yggdrasil" (2013) and "Runaljod - Ragnarok" (2016).

After years of acoustic concerts and lectures, performing Wardruna songs and creations made for the TV series Vikings, Einar Selvik recorded "Skald" (2018). The album was recorded live with the intention of capturing the raw, uncompromising energy of live performance. He gave voice to the ancient art that once underpinned Nordic oral traditions, presented as it takes shape in the hands of a humble contemporary skald.

Wardruna's fifth full-length album, "Kvitravn (White-Raven)", was released in January 2021. The album continues musically where the "Runaljod" trilogy left off, but marks a distinct evolution in the group's sound. Over the course of eleven songs, "Kvitravn" discusses Norse sorcery, spirit animals, shadows, nature and animism, wisdom and the meanings of certain myths, various Norse spiritual concepts and the relationship between sage and song. The album entered the charts in 13 countries, including number one in Canada and Austria, and number two in Germany. A year later, the band presented a virtual live experience in the form of "First Flight of the White Raven", also reaching the official album charts in Germany.

The period between "First Flight of the White Raven" and "Hertan" was not without creative output. A new version of "Voluspa" (live with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra) was released in June 2023. Einar Selvik has also performed on Norwegian television with electronic music DJ Matoma and joined Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra for a series of symphonic concerts. One of the duets, "Voluspa" (live with Eivør), will be released physically on Record Store Day in April 2024 in the United States, Canada and Germany.

Now, a new cycle begins with "Hertan".



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