Wrath.lb - Vile

Today we will have the pleasure of traveling to one of the lands that are intrinsically connected to our collaborator Michel from Metal Junkbox, we are going to his family's lands, we are going to Lebanon!!! We will present the band Wrath.lb!!!

I'd like to start by highlighting the productive capacity that Wrath.lb manages to convey in its songs. Weight, riffs, feeling, and a lot of creativity condensed into songs of great quality, even though at the moment, the band is still producing singles and more songs, however, with what we have heard, we can be sure that the band has a lot of potential and should continue to deliver songs of great quality! So I must say, listen and follow the band because we have an excellent band to support. Mabrouk habibi! ?

Vile is a song that enchants from the very first play! Starting with a development that involves weight, feeling, depth and a lot of creativity, the song develops along an interesting path that involves the listener in a very unique musical atmosphere! I'd like to highlight the single's cover, which alludes to an explosion of great magnitude that leaves havoc throughout the affected area, an explosion that could also be paralleled with the explosion in Beirut. So I urge you to listen and draw your own conclusions!!!


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