Amorphis - Halo (2022)

With a career spanning more than thirty years, Finnish veterans Amorphis are back with their thirteenth album, entitled Halo.

The successor of the great Queen of Time, Amorphis has found a formula that has been working very well since the middle of the band's discography. In the beginning, they bet on an extreme metal sonority, but today they have managed to create a unique identity mixing Death with massive doses of Progressive, Folk, Gothic and other influences. Tomi Joutsen, vocalist and one of the responsible for this change, is still in great shape, mixing the guttural with the clean and melodic vocals, naturally one of the mainstays of Amorphis. The guitarists duo keeps on delivering riffs and precise solos and a primordial rapport to the Finnish sound.

Halo again is an interpretation of the band in its own way of the traditional Kalevala epics, continuing the trilogy started with Under the Red Cloud released in 2015. Here we have another amazing album from a band that doesn't make mistakes, or minimize their mistakes too much, heavier, much more progressive and extremely well done Halo will be one of the talked about albums during this year for sure.