Immolation - Acts of God (2022)

Immolation is an entity of the Death Metal world, the New York quartet that needs no introduction are back with their eleventh album, the incredible "Acts of God" that has just been released.

With a career of thirty-five years and eleven albums released we can easily say that although Immolation are not one of the most productive bands in the world, they are undoubtedly one of the most consistent and cohesive in the extreme metal scene. Acts of God keeps giving us everything that the North Americans got us used to, their own identity at the highest level, weight, aggressiveness, speed, and an impressive cohesion throughout the fifteen songs. It is important to say that this line-up that has been together since the predecessor Atonement released in 2017 is consolidated in an exquisite way, with a 100% achievement in two spectacular albums.

If I could make a specific criticism, it would be the length of Acts of God, I believe that the two instrumental songs Abandoned and And the Flames Welton add little or nothing, and could easily be removed making the album slightly leaner, although it is in the second half that the album gets more intense and visceral.
Ross Dolan and his unmistakable vocals, Robert Vigna, one of the most creative guitarists of the genre, Steve Shalaty, one of the best Death Metal drummers of our days, and bassist Alex Bouks, the newest member of the line-up, are in a great phase and this is clear on Acts of God, proving that Immolation continues to be one of the main pillars of Death Metal and delivering amazing work.