black pantera ascension album cover
black pantera ascension album cover

Black Panther - Rising (2022)

The band from Minas Gerais, Brazil, Black Pantera has just released its third album called Ascension and I can already say that it will certainly be one of the best albums of 2022.
We are in front of twelve songs full of weight, aggressiveness, intensity and with fundamental and current lyrics in the days we live in, with succinct criticism and pointing the finger in a categorical way the miners do not spare anyone who is on the wrong side of history. The power trio keeps mixing their hardcore, punk with heavy metal and here clearly adding new aspects such as groove, nu metal and alternative rock with a gigantic identity of their own.
Produced by Rafael Ramos, one of the most talented producers of our days, the album Ascension proves that the chemistry between Black Pantera and Rafael is exquisite and jumps to the ears in the minimum details. We also have the participation of Rodrigo Lima (Dead Fish) who leaves his mark on "Dia de Fogo" and the band Tuyo who collaborates in an insane way on the closing song "Estandarte".
Songs like Padrão é o Caralho, Fogo nos Racistas, Anti Vida and Eles que Lutem have already been born true classics, we are facing one of the best albums released this year, in Black Pantera's most powerful work so far, certainly the consolidation of one of the main bands in the Brazilian Metal scene today. Waiting anxiously for a show of the guys in Lusitanian lands, don't wait a minute more to check out this stoner in the ear!


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