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Last Piss Before Death - LPBD (2022)

2022 has arrived and has already brought us pleasant surprises in album releases so far, one of the best surprises I've heard so far is the Lisbon band Last Piss Before Death who released last month their debut album LPBD.
The band formed by Edgar Alves on vocals, Pedro Lourenço on guitar, Eduardo Caturra on bass and João Gama on drums presents a sound based on the good old thrash metal with heavy doses of groove metal, reminding bands like Pantera or Sepultura in Chaos A.D but with a natural modernity and a well highlighted identity of its own. Very well produced, the eleven songs that last almost forty minutes are intense and visceral, with highs from the beginning to the end it's very easy to have fun and enjoy this great debut album from the Portuguese.
Last Piss Before Death is a band formed by experienced musicians and already known in the Portuguese metal scene, that with their first album is already kicking the door down and showing that they are already one of the main Portuguese Metal bands. On March 25th at RCA Club in Lisbon, they will play alongside the great bands Redemptus and Junkbreed, not to be missed!
Year: 2022


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