191024 ghost impera
191024 ghost impera

Ghost - Impera (2022)

IMPERA is the fifth studio album from the Swedish band Ghost. Led by the talented Tobias Forge, the band maintains the characteristics that helped them to consolidate themselves as one of the main Heavy Metal bands (even if you don't consider Ghost Heavy Metal) of today.
IMPERA is grandiose, less somber than its predecessor Prequelle released in 2018, less pop too, or not? it depends on your personal taste. Betting heavily on striking choruses, catchy melodies and a sound closer and closer to AOR and Hard Rock, leaving aside that initial bet to the macabre that deep down hid a very Swedish pop. But it is necessary to say that everything Forge and his gang do is exquisite, it is not new that the band delivers excellent albums, from covers of very good taste to a sound full of its own identity and that pleases most of their fans.
Although IMPERA didn't please me as much as other Ghost albums, I can't say that it isn't a work above average, songs like Spillways a real hit, as well as Hunter's Moon another sensational hit, the fun ballad Darkness at the Heart of my Love set the tone of the quality of this latest Swedish work.
If you are a Ghost fan you will surely like this fifth work by the band, if you are a slammer you will surely hate it, if you have an open mind listen to it and I think you will have a good time next to IMPERA.
Year: 2022


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