venom prison
venom prison

Venom Prison - Erebos (2022)

For those who don't know, Venom Prison is a band from Wales and they have just released their third album, entitled Erebos.

Formed in mid-2014, the Welsh quickly established themselves as one of the leading Death Metal bands of today after releasing their first two albums, Animus and Samsara, released in 2016 and 2019 respectively. But it is here on their third album that the tables are turned, Erebos is most likely the band's best work to date, the band's sound remains untouched, modern, technical and brutal Death Metal endures throughout the ten songs. Larissa Stupar demonstrates more and more to be a frontman above average, with overwhelming gutturals and an abysmal technique can transmit the fury and intensity in a very high level, the guitars of Ash Gray and Ben Thomas are incredibly sharp with tempo changes to break any neck, riffs and absurd solos that often escape the usual in Death. It is important to point out the killer kitchen of Mike Jefferies on bass and the newest addition Joe Bills, a true buffalo on drumsticks.

Erebos borders on perfection , and Venom Prison accomplishes what it proposes to do in an exquisite way, bring a visceral modernity to Death Metal, we have here a strong candidate for the best album of the year.


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