Corpsegrinder - Corpsegrinder (2022)

Lead singer George Corpsegrinder of the iconic band Cannibal Corpse released his eponymous album in February, which marks the singer's solo career debut.

Bringing together the heaviest in extreme metal, Corpsegrinder mixed thrash, death metal and hardcore inserting tons of weight and aggression giving a brutal and visceral result. Produced by Jamey Jasta, vocalist of Hatebreed, and by Nick Bellmore, drummer who has played with Toxic Holocaust and currently plays in Dee Snider's band, the album pleases from beginning to end, we are in front of ten tracks that last a little over thirty minutes of brutal fury, and that in the end leaves a taste for more, a positive point of value in the conception of the album.

We are facing a solid, cohesive and intense album that, although it doesn't bring anything new, fulfills its function with excellence, perhaps apart from the cover that is really of dubious taste, the content that is the most important is very worthwhile.


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