lake malice underworld camden 119
lake malice underworld camden 119

Lake Malice at The Underworld in Camden, London 2024

Lake Malice stood out as headliners at The Underworld in Camden, an important moment in their upward trajectory. The event had the energy of Crashface and THECITYISOURS opening, creating the perfect atmosphere for a memorable night and a strong connection between the band and the audience.

The enthusiastic response from the audience reflects Lake Malice's growing popularity. Blake, always energetic and on the move, and Alice, with her striking presence and commitment to making the shows safe for everyone, were essential to an atmosphere of enthusiasm and inclusion. They not only demonstrated their musical talent, but also their dedication to creating a space where everyone felt free to enjoy the music.

As the main attraction, Lake Malice met and exceeded expectations with a setlist that showcased their unique sound and the energy they bring live. The event marked the growth of the duo and the synergy between Alice and Blake, showing how they captivate audiences with their artistry and dedication.

This gig at The Underworld in Camden highlighted the evolution of Lake Malice and their promise for the future, with the band gaining momentum and attracting an even bigger audience.

Photos and review by Daniel Caceiro


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