gogol bordello o2 forum kentish town 10
gogol bordello o2 forum kentish town 10

Live Review: Gogol Bordello at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London 2023

Gogol Bordellothe renowned gypsy punk band, returned to London, radiating an electrifying energy and unmistakable cultural diversity. That night, the band was not just a musical attraction; it was a vibrant phenomenon of cultural fusion.

Opening the show, Puzzled Panther and Peat & Diesel set the stage with their own infectious versions of punk and folk, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

gogol bordello opening

When Gogol Bordello took to the stage, led by the charismatic Eugene Hütz and his iconic bottle of wine, the energy exploded. The opening with "Sacred Darling", followed by "I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again", was a whirlwind of vitality. The set list was a musical journey, from pulsating classics like "My Companjera" and "Immigraniada" to recent hits like "Fire on Ice Floe" and "Focus Coin". Each song shone, enriched by the instrumental diversity, from the electric violin to the vigorous percussion.

"Start Wearing Purple", with its irresistible chorus, not only united the crowd in a collective chorus, but also transformed the space into a sea of dancing and celebration.

In a moment of emotional stillness, Eugene sat down for an introspective version of "Solidarity", reflecting on the grim realities of war and loss, a contemplative pause in the midst of frenetic energy.

But, as expected, Gogol Bordello's London show served as a reminder of why the band has been so successful and long-lived: dynamic shows, a call for unity and a celebration of cultural diversity.

gogol bordello o2 forum kentish town 14

With each show, they not only entertain, but also unite people from all backgrounds through their vibrant music and message of unity. In a world where differences often divide us, Gogol Bordello reminds us of the unifying power of art.

Photos and review by Daniel Caceiro


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