roundhouse the hu london hunter
roundhouse the hu london hunter

The Hu at the Roundhouse, London

The Hu is a band from Mongolia, formed in 2016 and has become quite popular on the internet for its creative use of traditional instruments from Mongolian culture, Such as the morin khuur and the topshurIn addition to xöömej techniques, a kind of traditional throat singing.

Opening for King Nun, which unfortunately we were not able to cover, The Hu sold out The Roundhouse in London, fitting about 1700 people, and clearly many of the Mongolians living in England were there to see this band so relevant and respectful of their culture.

As expected, the band entered with a lot of energy, with the typical costumes that have become known in the clips, and the instruments with unique and distinctive sound and visuals, one of the band's biggest differentiators.

The band played several songs from their career, but the highlights were Yuve Yuve Yu, their most popular song, and of course the closing song, a Mongolian version of Metallica's Sad But True.

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