Shrapnel - In Gravity

Let's embark on another of our journeys through the world of music. This time, our destination will take us to the King's land, the United Kingdom!!! We're going to talk about the band Shrapnel!

What we bring you today is a band with a very solid base of excellent influences in the world of metal, a band that moves very well through different styles and manages to deliver its songs without labels but with many facets that enchant serious metal lovers! If you're looking for a modern band, full of attitude, good riffs and songs that are very well produced and conceived on the basis of a good metal band, I can only say, listen to Shrapnel!!!

In Gravity delivers a lot of what we look for in a good metal band: heaviness, aggression and a lot of modernity! A very well-produced sound, with riffs and heaviness in the right measure, one of those songs that make you want to listen to more and more because you know you've found something valuable! Check it out!