Thee Disruptors - Bell of Lost Souls

It is with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the world of music, where we will be heading to the United States of America to talk about the band Thee Disruptors!!!

Come on, Thee Disruptors are the kind of band for those who like their music to be purely instrumental! This, combined with their versatile and incredible riffs, manages to deliver a performance worthy of a good Alternative Rock band, but which has many elements and genres in its sound, including Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Alternative Metal and much more! Consider listening to the band's songs and drawing your own conclusions!

Bell of Lost Souls presented the band's creative and versatile capacity very well, with its riffs and high moments that the song provides, we managed to get into the vibe that the band wants to deliver, thus having a great time listening to this incredible song, and I tell you, check it out!!!