Toby Harrison - No Escape

Let's travel to one of the lands that is very present here at Metal Junkbox, let's go to Australia! We're going to talk about the One Man Band Toby Harrison!

How good it is to meet new bands, how good it is to have the opportunity to hear unreleased material from musicians/bands who are on the journey in the world of music and Toby Harrison was no different! With a musical creation that is a collection of influences ranging from melodic metal to alternative metal, an incredible performance that featured their debut song No Escape! Which, I have to say, is a great first song. This is a song full of life, feeling, solos and good times! The musician can improve his production/recording and will surely present even more incredible songs than this, because there is a lot of talent to be explored ? Follow this journey and bookmark Toby Harrison in your music library!


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