Tritonic - Algae Bloom

Here at MetalJunkbox, we have an open space for the most varied styles and the most varied bands of the music scene, Tritonic is one of those bands that at the very first hearing, leave an impact and a mark of the most irreverent and daring bands.

Tritonic has very interesting influences in their music, with passages that go from Punk rock, prog, indie, Crossover and Metal, that's exactly it, something that can and should make at least anyone curious who reads this review and seeks to hear the band's sound.

We bring to you the latest EP released by the band, Algae Bloom! 6 tracks, 11:19 minutes, but it will be the most varied minutes you can have, a real musical trip, where you can feel influences from bands like The Smiths, Sex Pistols and even Roger Skylab!

I strongly recommend that you try to listen to this EP, it will certainly broaden your musical horizons and you will have that urge to seek out more bands like this one, and of course wait for new releases, but be sure to check out the 2020 album Port of Spain ! Long Live Tritonic!