Upcast - For your Own Safety

Today we're going to a little explored land here at Metal Junkbox, we're going to the United Arab Emirates! Let's talk about the band Upcast!

Directly from a little-explored circuit when it comes to metal, we have here a band that demonstrates that quality bands can flourish in every corner of the world, and this is no different! Upcast has an unparalleled quality that involves its audience, demonstrating all its excellent creativity and execution, based on a good mix of genres, such as alternative metal, melodic metal, thrash, metalcore and much more! I recommend that you listen and check out the songs that the band has in its collection, because I know that it will be worth every second ?

For your Own Safety was the song responsible for awakening our interest in this talented band that managed to capture our gaze and make us spend a long time listening to their songs, so I can say with propriety that when you listen to this song, just like me, you can be transported to a parallel reality and live an excellent musical experience that the band manages to deliver very well in their work, check it out!!!


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