Cult of Luna - The Long Road North (2022)

The Swedish band Cult of Luna has just released its newest work entitled, The Long Road North by Metal Blade Records.
Eighth album of the band, The Long Road North presents a band that reaches the apex of maturity, creativity and elegance, with almost twenty-five years of career the Swedes have a margin of error almost nil, and this is evidenced in this latest work. Do not expect a revolution in the sound of the band, it continues to bet on an interesting mix of elements always based on Post-Metal and integrating Doom, progressive and Sludge in a way knew almost exquisite.
It becomes clear while listening to The Long Road North, that this album is a arrival to the destination of what started in the previous album the incredible A Dawn To Fear, the formula is exactly the same, although the current album is more consistent, the mix and balance between the visceral and the contemplative is still impeccable.
We are in front of a band that is living its best phase, that gets to its eighth work very aware of what it wants and that knows exactly where it is going to get to, Cult of Luna is today one of the most interesting Metal bands, that does not let itself be accommodated and that is always looking for something more, The Long Road North is one of its best albums and will certainly be one of the best of 2022.


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