Sabaton - The War to End All (2022)

When we talk about Power Metal , today one of the first bands of today that comes to mind are the Swedes of Sabaton, who have just released their tenth studio album called The War to End All , practically a sequel to its predecessor The Great War released in 2019.
The concept remains the same, focusing on the events surrounding World War I, such as the Christmas truce, the race to the sea, the treaty of Versailles and many other iconic cases creating a powerful and epic album here.
In terms of sound, we have nothing new here, the band continues to present its identity based on Power/Heavy Metal always prioritizing the stories told, which incidentally is one of the main characteristics of Sabaton. Throughout the ten songs we are inserted in all the contexts of the great war having almost a history lesson of the highest level. Highlights for the incredible Stormtroopers about the German army, Hellfighters a powerful Heavy Metal with intense riffs and Versailles that ends the album in a sublime way and full of emotions.
In these little more than twenty years, Sabaton is consolidating more and more as one of the great Metal bands of today, creating special albums and giving spectacular concerts, be sure to check out The War to End all Wars!
Year: 2022