Claustrofobia - Unleeched (2022)

One of the pillars of Brazilian extreme metal has just released its seventh studio album, we are talking about Claustrofobia and their brutal Unleeched.
With almost thirty years on the road, the Paulistas continue to show the same aggressiveness and heaviness as always during the incredible nine tracks of Unleeched.
The nervous power trio formed by brothers Marcus and Caio D? Angelo and bassist Rafael Yamada leave no stone unturned in a little more than thirty minutes, intense, cohesive and visceral the album that opens with Stronger Than Faith with both feet in the door, powerful riffs based on thrash/death of the early 90's set the tone of the pummeling, the sharp riffs continue in The Encrypted and in Neuro Massacre that features 7-string guitars giving an overwhelming contemporary sound.
We also have a groove, mixed with death metal and hip hop in one of the best tracks on the album Psychosapiens, and closes with 2020( March To Glory) which presents a more modern and different take on what we are used to when we listen to Claustrofobia.
We are facing one of the best albums of the band's career, very well produced, with excellent ideas both in sound and lyrics, certainly Unleeched will be one of the best works of the year, rewarding one of the most underrated bands of the extreme metal world.
Year: 2022