thumbnail Black Pantera 2024 photos @marcoshermes 27
thumbnail Black Pantera 2024 photos @marcoshermes 27

Black Pantera - PERPETUAL

The band from Minas Gerais Black Panther has just released its fourth album entitled ? PERPÉTUO? on May 24th.
The album, the successor to Ascensão (2022), presents a different and vast sound, the result of Black Pantera's trajectory, which has been elevated on the festival circuit in Brazil and abroad, gaining a baggage and maturity that unleashes in an exquisite way in this latest work.

Basically, the insertion of elements from other genres such as hip hop, groove and especially the addition of percussion to the band's heavy sound fit perfectly with the tribal aesthetic that the band has always presented and with the lyrics and firm stance that they have always had since the beginning.

Published by the Deck label, Perpétuo is once again produced by the excellent Rafael Ramos.
I firmly believe that this album could be the turning point for a band that doesn't know how to make mistakes and that is certainly going to break the bubble and pass on its fundamental message against racism and fascism to as many people as possible and PERPÉTUO seems to be fulfilling that mission with flying colors!


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