Korn Requiem album cover
Korn Requiem album cover

Korn - Requiem (2022)

With almost thirty years of career one of the pillars of nu metal has just released its fourteenth album, we are talking about Korn and their Requiem that came out in early February.
It's not new that Korn has been experimenting and adding new paths to their sound, but since the return of the talented guitarist Brian "Head" Welch the band has been betting more on melodies and direct compositions, which has worked very well especially in The Nothing released in 2019 and now in Requiem. Of course The Nothing is much heavier, perhaps the most aggressive of the band, Requiem follows a different path more melodic, somewhat introspective, without losing the weight and intensity of always, blending with perfection the weight and melody during all nine songs that last just over thirty minutes.
I particularly like songs like Forgotten, Start the Healing, Disconnect and Worst Is On Its Way which are true examples of this ?new? sound that Korn presents in Requiem, but of course the band never loses its identity, this is something that transpires every second in a band like the Californians.
Requiem is intense, visceral, short, and enjoyable, and consolidates Korn as an alternative metal band that reaches its thirtieth year showing that it has a lot to show for itself.


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