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Drowned - Recipe of Hate (2022)

One of the main extreme metal bands in Brazil is back, the miners of Drowned have just released their eighth studio album entitled Recipe of Hate.

The band, which has almost thirty years on the road, presents in this new work the return of the original lineup, something that has not happened since the second album of the band released in 2003. Recipe of Hate is a violent and necessary rock, with strong lyrics and full of fundamental criticism to the political and social scenario that Brazil has been living, allied to the weight and aggressiveness already known from the miners, we have here a fabulous work from Drowned.

We are in front of nine intense songs, distributed in a little over thirty minutes of great intensity, cohesion and everything very well produced, certainly one of the best works of 2022.
For any thrash or death metal fan with good taste, Recipe of Hate is a must-have album, long live Drowned.


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